I simply loved this training session. The time went mad and was running like there’s no tomorrow. I’d love to practise a bit more with you.

Coaching, Saint Gobain

Our teacher is great at managing time during the classes. Every lesson is really interesting and varied. There’s no time get bored. :)

English language course, Skanska

For me, the usefulness of the training session, the way it was run in, the trainer was simply amazing!

NLP Application in Business, Warsaw City Council

Not only is this one of the best training sessions I’ve attended, but also one which I’ll be able to use in a practical way in my life.

Teamwork, Bosch-Siemens

It’s the first time that I’ve been attending a language course where I can learn exactly what I want (negotiations, etc.).

Business English course, Jeronimo Martins

Practical approach and extra materials facilitate learning because they can later be associated with specific situations.

English language course, Philip Morris

The teacher helps me find different ways to learn the language more effectively, I can already see the results of his work with me, which is very motivating.

English language course, Skandia

The coursebooks and the other materials have been chosen in line with our needs; our comments regarding the topics of the classes have clearly been considered.

English language course, Fuji

I want to learn, I want to do homework - our teacher has a great way with her students :).

English language course, Unilever Polska

Interesting, educational, developmental, intriguing.

Team-building, Rzeczpospolita

Creative, stimulating, developmental! Thank you for being so professional.

Management training session, Saint Gobain

The way in which the classes are run is fantastic.

English language course, Pilkington

The training session was unbelivable, unpredictable, full of surprises and the one that can’t really be compared to anything else I’ve been through before.

Team-building, EGB Investments

The training session was really well-prepared - to its tiniest detail, precise, targeted.

Team development, PTK Centertel

The topic selection of the lessons fully corresponds with my needs and expectations.

English language course, Jeronimo Martins

The classes are run in a professional and interesting manner.

Business English course, Allianz

Fantastic atmosphere during the lessons.

English language course, Allianz

The lessons are taught in a really fun way, they are fun and practical at the same time, which is a really involving and motivating way of learning.

English language course, Pioneer

I am very happy with the classes - they are varied, lively, and taught in practical, everyday English language.

English language course, Raisio

Our teacher can turn the most „boring” subject into an interesting one, she can really keep me involved during the lessons.

English language course, Skanska

I’ve already been attending the course for two years and I’m continuously pleased with the high quality of the classes and the professional manner of the teacher.

English language course, Jeronimo Martins

We are all very happy with the training session and already can’t wait for the second part :).

Communication and Cooperation, IKEA

A really endearing trainer who can put the message across to the participants in an orderly way.

Effective communication, Nordea

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